Krushuna waterfalls - the jewel in the crown of the village. Krushuna, just 150 meters from Hotel & Relax Zone "Cattleya"! Discover the magic in this natural wonder located in the heart of the Lovech region. Take a walk along the scenic trail passing by the impressive Krushuna Waterfalls or cycle through the Maarata Park - the choice is yours. Hotel Catleya offers the ideal base for exploring the natural riches of the region, including numerous caves such as Maarata, Urushka Maara, Boninska Cave, Garvanitsa and others. The famous Devetashka Cave is located 15 km to the west, adding another reason for your adventure to Hotel & Relax Zone Cattleya, in. Krushuna. The area has many eco-trails suitable for hiking, walking or exploring the natural attractions of the region. On request, Hotel Cattleya organises guided sightseeing tours and transport. For the little ones, Hotel Cattleya has a play and entertainment area with many entertaining games.

The area is filled with numerous eco-trails, ideal for hiking and walking, offering a wide choice for exploring the region's natural attractions. If interested, Hotel & Relax Zone "Cattleya" organizes visits to these attractions with included guided tours and transportation.

30 km from our hotel is the town of. Lovech, famous for its old part, the covered bridge of Kolyu Ficheto, the monument and museum of one of the most prominent revolutionaries Vasil Levski.

There are small indoor and outdoor children's play areas where children can have a carefree time. Next to the hotel, 30 metres away, there is a large swimming pool open seasonally for public use, another convenience for guests.